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Got Conflict?

Got Conflict?

I tell all new partnership clients that there are 2 things that have a strong possibility of killing their business: Partnership problems Taxes Few business partnerships succeed. Tension arises when the business isn’t doing well and when the business thrives....

A Plan Is Not This…

I work with too many people who think they can make a plan in an hour by just “deciding things”. That’s not a plan. That is a recipe for problems. Hasty decisions lead to problems and waste.

Too Late for a Business Plan?

If your business has been running a while, even a few years, should you bother to make a plan? You bet. I can guarantee you are wasting money and losing opportunities if you have no plan. But a plan for a business that is already running is different from a business plan at launch.

Time to Think

You put in a crazy day of 10-12 hours and look back realizing you didn’t get a lot accomplished. Ever add something to your “To Do” list that you already did just so you could cross it off? The amount of time we spend working has no direct correlation to the amount of work we get done.

Partnership Conflict

If you are in a business partnership and there is tension with your partner, get it resolved or get out of the partnership before the end of the year. There are 2 big killers of successful businesses. Taxes and partnership conflicts. Resolving your differences...