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Stupid Negotiations

I have seen some incredibly stupid moves in negotiations recently. People have walked away from being within a few dollars of a huge win to face the prospect of getting nothing or potentially having to pay a huge sum. Crazy.

Win the Argument or Get What You Want

Win the Argument or Get What You Want

Pay attention and you will be surprised how often you are in a situation to either make your point or get what you want. I see this everyday in business. There’s a decision to be made. Rather than doing the proper work to make the best possible decision (looking at the data, considering the budget, accounting for the impact on people, creating a model) the discussion devolves into some prior sin committed by you or your partner.

Stupid Moves in Negotiations

I have been involved in a lot of negotiating this year. From small companies with internal problems to very large companies unable to close deals. The subject of negotiating is a big topic and not everything can be covered in a single post. But I want to help you with an important, maybe the most important piece in negotiation.

I Am Not Voting in 2016

I refuse to vote in 2016. I’ve heard all the arguments from voting being my “duty” to the need to protect the world from Donald Trump bringing nuclear annihilation to the planet. Bull.