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by Chris Reich of TeachU

Chris Reich, CEO of TeachU Writes the Business BlogLittle improvements add up to big results." I believe that. I've seen it work hundreds of times in my career. So these are little suggestions for your business with an occasional rant—because I can.

I love business, astronomy, physics, literature and opera. I am studying Finnegans Wake. If you've decided to toture yourself with that project too, I would love to hear from you!

These free business articles posted here are for you. You may copy and use any/all business articles freely if you cite the source of any material used as:
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You may redact as necessary to suit your audience. I have been posting for years and the archive is here.

APR 11

I wish the whole country has this kids drive and work ethic.

Bet you can learn something from Caine. I love his last words..."and I was proud."

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