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Chris Reich, CEO of TeachU Writes the Business Blog"Little improvements add up to big results." I believe that. I've seen it work hundreds of times. These are little suggestions to improve your business.

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JAN 18

Improve your business with this tip from TeachUFirst, to the readers of this business blog who follow my advice, you are welcome.

My slogan at TeachU™ is "Small Improvements Aggregate to BIG Results™". Unless I'm working directly with you, you may not know what small improvements to make. This short post is to give you an important improvement that will yield BIG results. It's easy. It's free---or should be.

Look at the analytics of your website. If you don't have analytics set up for ...
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If you want a better year in 2014 than 2013 was, you must do one thing above all others.

You must decide that 2014 will be better.

No, no philosophy nonsense. No faith. No name it and claim it. And no, you do not control the universe. In fact, the universe really doesn't care about your business.

By deciding that this year will be better, you must accept that there are things you must change. You might ...
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DEC 24

We are wrapping up 2013. For some, it was a great year. Some struggled through. Some didn't make it. The economy hasn't improved though we are adjusting to the new standards. As government points to Wall Street and interest rates as the indicators of recovery, those of us with businesses know better. It wasn't a smooth year.

Next year could be better. It could be a lot better for your business if you spend the final ...
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JUL 22
By Chris Reich

The summer months are not the best time to run "sales" unless you have a business that benefits from the back-to-school season. Here's what you should be doing to promote your business instead of offering discounts.

Summer is the time to strengthen the foundation of your business.

Take a close look at your business from the eyes of a prospective customer or have an expert give you an evaluation. Is your website conveying the right message? ...
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SEP 18

For Sale: Growing and Profitable Business

Put that ad in any newspaper and the phone will ring before the ink dries.

There is demand for businesses that are making money. There are millions of people with "nest eggs" who would trade their boss for a business in a minute.

Now consider this. If you want to sell your car, you clean it up. Wash and wax. You might give it a tune-up. Often people decide not to sell ...
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