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I Am Looking Forward to the Rule of the Millennial

I Am Looking Forward to the Rule of the Millennial

Image: Twitter/@Rifarh_Shaarook I Look Forward to the Millennials Taking Charge Recently, I participated in a business symposium and the subject of “how to work with millennials” came up. It always comes up. Get three business people in a room and ask them...

I Am Not Voting in 2016

I refuse to vote in 2016. I’ve heard all the arguments from voting being my “duty” to the need to protect the world from Donald Trump bringing nuclear annihilation to the planet. Bull.

Sales People: Practice What You Preach

  I gave the thumbs down to a guy selling advertising yesterday. He’s a nice guy and I liked him enough to let him set up a web conference and take some of my valuable time. The web conference didn’t go well for him. He blew it on several fronts and then...

The Secret of SEO

SEO   There are thousands of articles written on this topic. Unfortunately, none of them tell you the real story.   A couple years ago, if you used your key words properly, your site would rank well. For example, if you sold hammers, and used the word...