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TeachU Loves Evernote
I confess. I love EVERNOTE.
I tried it a long time ago but didn’t understand the usefulness. Now that I do, I use it every day.
This isn’t a place for commercials. Yuck. Blogs that push products are suspect. This is intended as a true, unsolicited testimonial. EVERNOTE is giving me nothing for this post though my arms are wide-open to a lifetime paid subscription.
What’s it do?
I enjoy reading and researching a wide variety of subjects. Often while reading a book, I’ll come across some person or idea I want to know more about. Out comes the tablet for a quick search using BING! (I’m fast becoming a Google hater)
When some juicy article shows up, EVERNOTE is ready to grab the URL or the text of the page. Whew. Saved. I will not have to remember how I got there or how I found that obscure article about Wagner’s last opera, Parsifal. (For example)
While watching TV a flash comes to mind! Can the margins of images be forced in a responsive mode website? Tablet, search, wow! Hey, I’ll never remember this weird CSS code. EVERNOTE to the rescue!
What’s cool, is when I fire up the desktop in the morning and get ready to test my newly found CSS code, EVERNOTE will have sent it to my desktop. No emailing weird links to myself. It will just be there.
And if, in the middle of the day I come across a cool science article to read later…EVERNOTE to the rescue! Clip! Done. Later, when I fire up the tablet, that cool science article will be there.
Most apps and “tools” suck time away. EVERNOTE actually gives time back.
Can’t beat that. Wait, you can. It’s FREE. At least there is a free version. Yup, there a few limitations but none that have gotten in my way. Someday, maybe after someone at EVERNOTE sees this, I’ll have a lifetime of the paid version. Hey, a guy can hope.
In the meantime, I’m very happy with what I’ve got.
Give it a try. This is a rare “Highly Recommend” from me! (https://evernote.com/)  It runs on everything.
Chris Reich