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The Brain: Best Time Saver Available

Try the FREE version of TheBrain. If you are willing to buy a terrific tool, I recommend IMindMap.


PersonalBrain software has greatly expanded my ability to organize thoughts, clients, projects and materials. This Brain helps me better use my brain.

How It Works

You can take a thought or client or project and connect 100’s of pieces of information with a single click. They call this “mind mapping”. You actually map it out the why you think rather than the way a computer wants you to think.

For example, let’s say client XYZ asks me to work on their marketing. I add a “thought” to my brain. I’ll call it “XYZ”. To that thought, I connect the emails with our negotiations, goals and updates. And then, as I create images and strategies in PhotoShop, Word, PowerPoint and Excel; I can link all that ‘stuff to my “XYZ” thought. But there’s more. As I find websites I want to use as examples, I can link those in as well. And, as I think up brilliant ideas, I can add those to my “XYZ” thought too. As the project grows, the brain grows but never becomes difficult to manage. It’s amazing. And, for the really great part, one click and I’m in “Presentation Mode” which allows me to make dynamic presentations on demand, no prep time needed, to my client! WOW!

Download the free demo.

You’ll get to use the software, with no restrictions, commercials or annoying hindrances for 30 days. If you decide it’s not for you, continue to use the software with a few limitations (attachments are limited) for free, forever. (TRY THE DEMO. It’s really amazing. This demo version is fully functional.)

More About TheBrain

See and do more with digital thinking.
Where can you go on your computer today to hash out a new idea, current event, or expand your plans in a meaningful way? TheBrain lets you digitize your mind so you can literally see your thinking and refine your ideas. Each of your Thoughts comes to life on-screen with connections to other related Thoughts, creating a context for thinking and action.

Integrate all your information in one place.

Your Brain can store an unlimited amount of all kinds of information. Write notes for all your ideas. Save files, web pages, images and even emails into TheBrain for instant access. Adding things is as simple as drag and drop.

Access all your stuff anywhere.

Your digital Brain works across multiple platforms and computers and can be synchronized across multiple machines. Access your Brain from the Brain desktop software, a Web browser, or even your mobile device. Keep your data locally, plus a backup online for remote access and sharing with friends.

Find anything instantly

Activate any idea or file in seconds. TheBrain not only brings up the right idea but lets you see how it relates to everything else… so you are prepared for anything. This means you can shift contexts quickly and get an immediate visual briefing by viewing connected topics.

Powerful File Management

Move beyond linear file folder hierarchies and organize files the way you think – under multiple categories or projects. Anything can be linked to anything else. Track and save multiple versions, add notes and tag documents with priorities. Even integrate Outlook, Apple Mail, or webmail messages for a complete view of your projects.

Get the big picture on your information.

TheBrain lets you see how your ideas and information are related. Use powerful visualization to discover information that would normally be overlooked, make connections and gain new understanding of your projects and content.

Try a Demo of TheBrain™ now!

PersonalBrain is a trademark of TheBrain Technologies LP. Used with permission.

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