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Not Worth a Pence

Mike Pence Doesn’t Support Free Speech

Remove Him with Trump

Mike Pence walked out of a football game because 49er players took a knee during the national anthem. Is Mike that afraid of Donald Trump? Guess so. And if the Vice President is that afraid of apperaing to be disloyal to our president, characterised as a moron by Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is Pence capable of being President of the United States when Trump is impeached? No.

Pence lacks the character to stand up to Trump. We need better people in our government. Trump won’t drain the swamp. The Democrats in Congress won’t drain the swamp. We, the American citizens, must drain the swamp.

I propose we start a new, clean, and moderate third party made of people who will leave their religion and supersticions at the door. I want people who will think about issues and seek solutions rather than than making policy comply with their nutty beliefs. In 2018 I hope for a huge new voter block that will elect independents. Let’s drain the swamp together.

Chris Reich, TeachU

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