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American Cockroach Candidate

I refuse to vote in 2016. I’ve heard all the arguments from voting being my “duty” to the need to protect the world from Donald Trump bringing nuclear annihilation to the planet. Bull.

First of all, voting is a right, not a duty. If voting becomes some sort of responsibility or obligation, it no longer is a right. I have the right (so far) to withhold my vote. In 2016, that’s my choice.

But shouldn’t we choose the least evil candidate? Even though we may dislike both candidates, shouldn’t we vote to prevent the more evil of the two from getting their finger on the button of world destruction? Shouldn’t we prevent Trump from replacing the Supreme Court with his children? Nonsense. We have a congress of representatives. They may not do much but they have prevented the current, legitimate, level-headed president from filling a vacant seat on the court. In other words, presidents can be blocked. Neither of our current choices would roll into office with with a “mandate’ of public support.

Fact is, these two are the least popular candidates ever according to a number of polls. Here’s one

I offer you these specific reasons why I will not vote for either candidate.

Hillary Clinton

First and foremost, I oppose oligarchy. We are a large and somewhat democratic nation. In the recent past, we have had one of our worst presidents who happens to be the son of a recent president. In this election cycle, we saw the brother of George W. Bush launch as a ‘favorite’ by the party. The public refused to accept another Bush. The other choice is the wife of a former president. I refuse to support the establishment of royal political families. On that alone, I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton.

In addition, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is either competent or honest. She was a lousy Secretary of State. She left a mess behind in Libya and Syria. She failed miserably in Libya. She merely added to the mess in Syria but she still has no grasp of what is happening in the Middle East as we continue to align with the corrupt and oppressive Saudi regime. Saudi Arabia is probably, there are no accounting records to trace, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. But Hillary, the champion of women, still thinks we should keep pumping arms into the kingdom of Saud where it is permissible to stone women for having consensual sex.

The other ‘pro’ Hillary argument is that in spite of all the attempts to ‘catch her’, she has never been convicted of anything. Well, that’s not good enough for me. Evidence always seems to disappear. Go all the way back to the crooked law firm she was part of and you’ll see that the records disappeared ‘in all the moving’. Uh huh. And the emails got deleted. And the witnesses died and…well, I recall Bill Clinton wagging his finger at me and declaring that he had no relations with his intern. Hillary took charge of the spin on that lie and they stuck with it until the evidence they couldn’t destroy was uncovered. That’s the one piece of evidence the Clintons couldn’t destroy.

She just isn’t up to my standard.

What about Trump?

Trump has repeatedly demonstrated poor judgment. You might say, “but Chris, Hillary shows poor judgment and at least Trump is the ‘people’s choice'”, right? Well, people often make dumb choices. Faced with Jeb, Jindal, Cruz, Christie, Carly et al., why not go with Trump? The entire GOP field combined couldn’t make a decent president if you fused them into one person which it looked they tried with Huckabee. (Author’s note: My apologies to the numerous other GOP candidates I fail to list because of both time and space)

I can discount (somewhat) recent Trump blunders because I’ve listened to the actual tapes of actual past presidents being very un-presidential. Johnson and his “neegra” comments and Nixon’s extreme antisemitism come to mind. We know Kennedy was a drug addled womanizer. We haven’t had a bumper crop of great leaders in my lifetime.

Still, Trump isn’t there. I cannot vote for a man who lacks the sense required to make big decisions. Yes, he can make a buck. But remember that he made that money in a system designed to benefit him. If things don’t work out in a business you can walk away a start over. The world of geopolitics has no such reset provision.

Isn’t one of them better than the other?

Maybe one is better in your eyes. I believe every time we choose the lesser of the two evils, we lower the standard for future elections. If we are willing to accept either of these two candidates, doesn’t that say that we will accept the bottom of the class? Didn’t that very mentality produce a horrible crop of GOP candidates? The Democrats had a plan. Hillary was pre-chosen. They weren’t going to risk losing that again no matter how well Sanders did. The Democratic Party is so corrupt that the head of the party could not open or speak at the Democrat’s convention because she was mired in scandal. Nothing to be proud of there.

Choose the lesser and you lower the standard. I blame us for the poor candidates we have to choose from. Each time we lower that bar we get exactly what we have picked: the lesser.

I say the bar is so low now that only a cockroach can get under it. I refuse to contribute to that decline and will withhold my vote. If enough of us would do that, we would let the parties know there is a vast untapped reservoir of votes waiting for a decent candidate to step forward. Voting for either of these two tells those in power that we are willing to vote the team—are you?

Count me out.

Chris Reich, TeachU

Image: CC 2.5 Gary Alperthttp://www.uos.harvard.edu/ehs/pes_american_cockroach.shtml

(BTW, That’s an American Cockroach)