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Communicate or frustrate your employees!I’m so sick of seeing this that it now moves beyond business advice to RANT!

Communication with your people is your #1 priority as a manager. The quickest way to achieve low morale and an uncaring work team is to starve people of communication.

“I’m busy” isn’t a valid excuse to fail at your most important task. Failure to communicate causes resentment, frustration and evacuation. Want good people to leave for other opportunities? Freeze them out. Want to destroy morale? Don’t answer emails or voice inquires from other employees.

Stupid managers, and yes, I mean stupid, intentionally stonewall employees. These idiots actually believe that somehow asserts their power by demonstrating that they can communicate “at will” because of their importance. Go ahead and demonstrate your power and crush production. People who must work for or with such immature fools will put forth the minimum effort.


That’s a real rant!

Look, if American business doesn’t change, the economy is not going to ever fully recover.

Chris Reich