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Excel for Small Business Class 
There are corporate number crunchers and data analysts who are Excel pros. They can make the program sing.
But there are thousands and thousands of small business owners who have never used Excel. That’s a shame because you can do so much with Excel. I see people struggling for hours with pretty basic tasks. When I tell them that they could get that done in a few minutes with Excel, you would think they would say, “show me!”  Instead, they say, “I don’t have time.”
You don’t have time?
I suppose I haven’t adequately explained what Excel can do for you. Just today, one day, I used Excel to accomplish a lot in a short time.
I made a model for corporate client to analyze a potential new product
I created a flow sheet for me to work through how my businesses interconnect
I needed to analyze a pending business trip to have good understanding of cost
I created a proposal for another client for a very complex project and I need to estimate all the parts
I created a model to measure the success of changing a few words on a webpage
I made a marketing model to decide if Google Adwords is producing enough for me to continue, cut, increase or eliminate
I made a worksheet I can print to help me think through business problems
This is one day. If I wasn’t tired, I’d make one more. A client needs to have 20 email accounts set up. I will make an excel sheet to record the addresses, instructions and passwords. I will secure that file with a password before sending it on to the boss.
One day.
This why I’m offering a simple Excel class to small business owners so that they can put Excel to work for them.
I have even bigger plans for Excel this week!
Chris Reich, TeachU