In my years of medical practice and business “Mary Poppinsing” I’ve seen dentists employ all sorts of gimmicks attempting to build business. My new dentist does something remarkable.
I went for an over-due cleaning today. The office is average if not a bit out of date (so what). The staff is very friendly and not too chatty. Typical dental office.
They escorted me to the “chair” and reclined me into position for the cleaning process. Before starting work the hygienist handed me a pair of disposable dark glasses. These are the kind you get when you have your eyes dilated.
What? They protect your eyes from the normal splatter of dental work. That’s a nice idea. The darkness shades your eyes from the operatory light too. Instead of feeling like you’re being interrogated by the secret police, you feel more relaxed because of the subdued light. I swear there was less discomfort as a result of the dimming of the the light.
Those toss-away shades can’t cost much but they are remarkable. Dr. Langford is remarkable. He does good work too. Gimmicks don’t cover bad work. And a gimmick isn’t a gimmick if people like it. It then becomes a feature.
And if people talk about it? It’s remarkable.
Shameless Promotion: I give all the credit for this one to Dr. Langford and his staff in Yreka, California. They’re remarkable! I have a few remarkable ideas too. Let’s discuss some for your business.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog