It’s not as big as it looks.
We’ve all seen this illusion. The full moon is rising huge over the horizon. It’s unusually big and dramatic.
It’s not real. No kidding. Here’s an experiment you can do yourself. In fact, the full moon is coming soon so you can try it then.
Hold a dime out at arm’s length and see the tiny dime cover the “huge” full moon.  Then, wait a couple hours and do it again when the moon looks much smaller. You’ll see it’s the same size it was when it appeared to be so big. It’s an illusion. The moon looks bigger because our mind sees it in relationship to objects on the horizon and “knows” it has to be bigger than those things. So our mind inflates the apparent size. Weird, huh?
Business risk is a lot like that. We see huge difficulties that caution us to take the safest course. Look how huge the risk is of trying anything new. By golly, it could ruin us! When in fact, the risk of trying innovative approaches to improving your business is miniscule. The risk only seems big against the horizon.
Next time you want to try something new at your business, hold a dime at arm’s length. I’ll bet it covers the risk.
I’ll supply the dime. When psychologists help people deal with fear they start by asking the question, “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” And then they ask, “what will be the consequences of that actually happening?” Finally they ask, “then what will you do if that happens?”  I plays out like this. “I tell my boss I’m not happy about my new schedule. He fires me. I get a different job. The new job is probably better.” Oh my, it’s okay!
Keep a dime in the top drawer of your desk.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog