Happy Meals?
Maybe you saw this story:
6-Year-Old Tries to Drive to Restaurant 
A hungry 6-year-old grabbed his grandmother’s car key, positioned his child seat behind the steering wheel and tried to drive himself to an Applebee’s restaurant.
The story goes on to describe how the kid put the car in reverse and managed to “drive” backwards until being stopped by the home across the street. Apparently the kid didn’t know how to get the car into F-orward with only  D, P and N as his only alternatives to R.
Kids, like celebrities, unsuccessfully attempt to drive all the time. Nothing really remarkable about that.
What surprised me was the kid’s choice of dining establishment. Applebee’s? Gimme a Bass Ale with that HappleBee Meal? A Shirley Temple Margarita perhaps?
Applebee’s has a great future if 6-year-olds are that desperate to get there.
What do you suppose triggered this incredible urge in the kid?
I’ll bet he went there with his family and had fun. Applebee’s doesn’t exactly cater to a sub double digit age group but they do convey fun fun fun in their ads, decor and service style. Even a 6-year-old gets that message.
Is it fun to do business with your business?
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog