What is it with banks and Brittneys?
If you read yesterday’s post, you know I’m having a horrible problem with Wells Fargo Bank. They can’t seem to get an ATM card to me. I am after all, a mere 30 year customer. Can’t expect a working ATM card.
This wasn’t a good day for me. I had a bunch of post cards to send out but the post office is out of post card stamps and they aren’t expecting any for “a couple weeks”. A vendor, instead of invoicing me for a big order as I asked them to do last week, charged my on file credit card. That ran my balance through the roof which prevented me from getting another order which I instructed to be charged to my card. I needed to do this to permit time for my card payment to clear—it takes a few days. Now I’m sitting on the money to pay the vendor but have to get it to my credit company to bring the balance back down. Thanks. I needed a few extras hassles today.
So I decided to open a checking account at Washington Mutual because of the grief Wells Fargo is giving me. I thought I’d start simple and just get a personal checking account. Once they get that actually working, I’ll try moving my business account to WAMU.
As I’m filling out the online application—which is damn cool—you fill out all the stuff online, transfer a couple bucks in by credit card and they grab your signature from the first check you write for the signature file—how slick is that! Yeah, yeah. I’m filling out the form and then I see the dreaded words “You will be issued a debit Mastercard ATM card”. Oh no you don’t. Not another fake Visa, Mastercard or Discover (does anyone actually use a Discover card???) card.
I called the 800 number and by god my buddy from Wells Fargo, Brittney, works there too! I asked Brit if I could get a regular ATM card instead of a debit Mastercard. “Well, we issue the debit Mastercard and then you call us and cancel it. Then we send out the regular ATM card. That’s the only way we do it.” Brittney, are you sure you can issue a regular card after issuing a debit Mastercard? (I ask because my Wells Fargo Brittney told me the same story 8 weeks ago and I still don’t have a card.)
You know what the little twit told me? “I don’t have to answer that again. I already answered you.” But I just want to be sure because….”I already answered you.” Do they really record those calls? Does anyone listen to them? “To insure quality….” Insure what?
That was all the WAMU I needed to know I didn’t even want to go any deeper.
Tomorrow I’m going to cut a hole in my mattress.
Doesn’t anyone know what “customer service” means?
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog