Number One.
Do your people feel like they’re on the number one team? Do you foster that? Are there constant reminders of that?
For a team to win, they must believe they are capable of winning.
Football teams have teams within the team. They have a kicking team, a defensive team, an offensive team and a punt return team. EACH of those teams works on being the best. The combined effort makes a winning team.
Few businesses treat “departments” as teams. If they did, and if they fostered the desire to be best team within the main team, things would change for the better at any business.
If done wrong, it’s corny. You can’t hold a pep rally and expect a business to surge ahead on positive energy. This must be properly introduced and each team must be allowed to develop their own style. Allow enoughc time for this to become part of the way things are done rather than the boss’s “program of the month” and you will soon find yourself coaching a contender.
Here’s a tip that I will build on later: Can you put your goal for your company into a single sentence that everyone at your business can understand and use as guidance for every decision they make? Start there.
By the way, the 49ers (picture above) are hardly number one. But if they start to believe they CAN be number one, they’ll get there.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog