It’s just the way it’s done.
The past 48 hours have been “business as usual”.
I was told by UPS that my order to ship 8 boxes is a real pain for them and that they’ll have to arrange to have “my driver” come to my office “after hours” to pick up the boxes. They expect me to be at my office sometime after 8:00 p.m. but they cannot say when the truck will arrive. I thought UPS was in the shipping business and that having a lot of shipping to do was the goal of their business. If my “huge order” was too much for the regular driver, couldn’t another truck pick up some of the boxes? UPS trucks pass by all day. If that’s too confusing for their tracking system, couldn’t they have picked up some of the boxes yesterday and the rest today? That’s not how they do it.
I had dinner at the local diner last night. Three men had typical diner meals. The service was below average and the food well below that. The bill before tip was $50. Everything was exactly the way they always do it. It will not be my choice to return to that place. It’s predictably bad.
I attended a club meeting. “Old busines” “new business” stuff. People were bored stiff. They wanted to talk about their favorite subject. But that’s how meetings are supposed to be conducted regardless of whether people enjoy the time spent. Regardless of whether anything is accomplished, that’s how it’s done. After all, we have important business to conduct. We collected $100 in dues, put it all except $5 toward expenses and now have $5 in the “treasury”. That’s important stuff.
Business as usual.
Today I’ll spend more time trying arrange my simple shipment with UPS. I now have 9 boxes to ship and that is sure to cause a significant glitch in our 8:00 p.m pick-up plan.
I was expecting a large delivery but it was incorrectly routed to the wrong zip code by the vendor—who claims it wasn’t their fault because the routing error was made by “accounting”. I was told about the error by the people in sales as though “accounting” was a different company. UPS can’t give me a delivery date because they are still “re-routing” the shipment that should have been here yesterday.
Business as usual Friday with one exception. Today we can all dress like we’re on vacation. And the way things are done, we might as well be.
Shameless Promotion: If you really do want to change the way things are done, let’s talk. The small, easy changes bring the big returns.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog