I recently had a difficulty with an online transaction. I’ve done a lot of business with this company with very few problems. This time I needed to actually talk to someone at the company to resolve my problem. Because the company, Company XYZ, does not provide a phone number I filled out their online form and requested a contact number be sent to me by email. I don’t have time to play the endless loop game with their “forms”.
Here’s their reply to a request for a phone call:

Dear Chris Reich,

Thank you for contacting Company XYZ.

We are happy to assist you with Company XYZ-related inquiries. For the most up-to-date answers for your Company XYZ questions, we encourage you to contact Company XYZ Customer Support directly by following these steps:

1. Click the “Help” link at the top of most Company XYZ pages.

2. Click the “Contact Us” link.

3. On the “Contact Us” page, choose the topic that is most relevant to your question.

4. Click “Continue.”

5. Complete steps and click “Continue” again.

6. Click “Email” under “Contact Customer Support” to fill out an online email form. You may be asked to sign in.

7. Complete the email form and click “Send.”

Company XYZ’s focus is on providing support through email. By using the Contact Us system, you help Company XYZ direct your email to the appropriate team to answer your question.

You can also use the link

http://pages.Company XYZ.com/help/contact_us/_base/index.html to get to Company XYZ’s email form.


Okay, tell me you didn’t laugh. That reply is so bad, it really IS funny. I wouldn’t want people laughing at my business.
Catch that line about focus? Their FOCUS is providing support by email. Their focus should be selling as much product as possible and doing so by providing great customer service. Wrong focus.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog