I have two issues with the local post office.
I send a lot of postcards promoting my business. A lot. The post office has been out of postcard stamps for two weeks. Yes, you read that correctly. The post office is out of stamps.
I ship a lot of Priority Mail because of my mail-order coffee business. The “computer” has been charging the wrong rate for flat rate boxes since the price increase six weeks ago. No, they’re not charging the old rate. They’re charging a wrong (higher) new rate. For every box I ship the computer charges $9.15 and the postal clerk has to input a credit of twenty cents. If they forget to do so, they have to void the transaction and re-enter “Priority Box” and then process the twenty cent credit.
Yes, the U.S. Postal service delivers billions of letters and packages on time every year. THey remind us every time they raise the rates.
Shouldn’t they have stamps available for purchase? Of course they have Disney stamps, flower stamps, space stamps, fruit stamps and obscure hero stamps. They just don’t have postcard stamps.
Six weeks to correct a computer problem? Guess what? They don’t have a computer problem. They have a people problem. I wonder how far up the postal food chain you’d have to go to find the person responsible for fixing this. Think of a pyramid. If you start at the bottom and work your way up, consider how many people that stupid “computer” problem affects.
How far up the pyramid does someone have to go to fix a stupid problem at your business?
Shameless Promotion: If we worked on lowering the steps up the pyramid at your business the results would amaze you. It can be done. Let’s look at your pyramid together and see what we can do.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog