We’re headed for a serious energy problem worldwide.
Global warming just might be a great blessing because it’s forcing us to look at our use of carbon based fuels burned by us carbon based fools. (I couldn’t resist that line)
It’s going to take a while to develop new technologies to replace our carbon based economic engine. We will do it, no doubt about it. Global warming has told us we had better get busy.
In the meantime, why isn’t there a genuine effort by this country to conserve? It’s pretty easy to save some energy without going to extremes—we needn’t all ride bikes to work.
I switched all our light bulbs to the new fluorescent type. That saves a lot of energy. Then I donated all my old style computer monitors and replaced them with flat screen LCD monitors. I have more desk space and the new monitors produce far less heat. My office was noticeably cooler immediately after making the switch. That eliminated the planned air conditioner—I just don’t need it. I still use air conditioning in the house but it no longer has to overcome the heat produced by the big hot monitors I used to use.
Okay, these are simple things. But there are a lot of simple things that would add up to huge savings. I like the new monitors. No pain, gain.
What’s your business doing to save energy? I’d like to hear about it. I might even send a prize to the business with the most creative effort.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog