Before You Need Business Mediation,
Try Moderation

Tension with your business partner? Disagreements over money, company direction, or handling employee issues? Getting a “mediator” sounds a bit harsh to you but you know you need somebody.

I provide Moderation services. You and your partner  identify the issues and I help you by moderating discussions. You’ll find it much easier to talk through the stressful issues when you have someone to help keep the conversation calm and focused.


Moderated Meetings Work

You’re frustrated with your business partner because of minor issues that are getting more serious. When you try to talk, the tension flares. I provide Moderation services. Using video conferencing and my successful technique for working through differences, your issues will be resolved and the stress will melt away.

Before you need mediation, try moderation. It works.

Chris Reich, Family Business Mediator

“You don’t have to live with this stress. I encourage you to have a couple of moderated meetings. You’ll see results after the first meeting.”
Chris Reich, Business Partnership Mediator

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Why Work with Chris

Honest, Experienced Partnership Mediation

I help business partners work out their differences using my relaxed, cost-effective method. Video meetings work and the cost is very low.

We Can Work It Out

Most business partnership problems can be resolved. Using creative thinking we’ll find solutions that satisfy everyone. That’s my specialty.

Good Success Rate

Sometimes people don’t want to work things out. Maybe they just can’t give up control. If there is zero willingness to accept compromises, there isn’t much I can do. But when people care about each other and are willing to consider options, things will work out in the toughest situations.

You Have Rights

What if your partner refuses to talk with you? You have rights and your partner has legal obligations. It’s always best to work things out but if that’s not possible, you need someone who can help you understand your rights as a partner.

Chris’ Philosophy


Respect Comes First

All talks are handled respectfully. No matter how frustrated people are with each other, all our work will be conducted with respect. Respect builds trust. Trust opens the door to agreements.


The Help Must Be Affordable

I pay attention to cost throughout the process. It would be silly to waste money if there is no hope for success.


Protect the Business

My client is your business. While I work hard to protect everyone’s interests, we want to preserve the business. It started as your dream. Let’s work together to work out differences. And, if it’s time to quit, we can work out an organized exit, buyout or shutdown.


After 15 years of struggling to be treated like a full partner, Dad is finally letting me make decisions. We meet once a week as you taught us. I’m learning things and Dad is open to trying social media for marketing. Thank you.


Partner in Father/Son Business, Light Manufacturing, Miami, Florida


We are doing so much better since you spent a week with us. There was a lot of history and we fell into some old patterns as you pointed out. Now we talk as partners at work and sisters when we get together outside of work. I’m so glad we found you.


Partner in Sister/Sister Business, Medical Supply Distribution, Chicago, IL


I wanted to let you know that we decided to keep working together. It got pretty tense but we are doing the things you taught us and it’s better now. Kevin is open to a buyout and we may go there next year but for now things are pretty good. Thanks for the help. If you hadn’t stepped in, the business would be closed.


Partner in Business with Cousin, Machine Shop, Bay Area, California

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