Disagreement with Your Business Partner?

Chris Reich is a professional business mediator with a proven record of repairing partnerships. If separation from the business is necessary, Chris can negotiate that.

I will help you as I have helped many, many other partners in bad partnerships. My name is Chris Reich (rich) and I just might be the best business partnership ‘fixer’ there is. My rates are much lower than attorney fees and I have been able to fix almost every situation. Accept a free consultation to learn about business mediation.

You’ll feel the relief when your partnership gets back on track. Remember how your relationship was?  Your relief from the stress starts with a free consultation. Guaranteed.

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All consultations are 100% confidential and free. You may take all the time you need. There will be no pressure—you have enough already. I guarantee that you will fee better after we talk. ~ Chris Reich, TeachU