Feeling a little down?
If you can’t seem to find that inner spark you need to get started on that big project try visiting a friend. Visit man’s best friend.
Do this soon, before you forget about it. Go to your nearest animal shelter and just take a walk through the rows of potential. Potential? Yes, potential. In the pungent smelling noisy place you’ll see real potential. There are animals in there with the capability to change lives. Puppies that will give a life of love and loyalty. You’ll see mature dogs ready to accept a new master. There are kittens in there that could be an intimate companion to someone for twenty years.
I would venture that there is more positive potential in any animal shelter than there is on most management “teams”. Please take a moment to think about how a pet has impacted your life and tell me if I’m wrong. It’s so right, it’s almost cliche to say it.
While you’re there, think a little. Let your heart open. You can do it, it’s not too late for you. Make a little donation on your way out. They’ll have a ceramic dog with a slit for accepting coins. They all do. Put a Jackson in the slot. You might just make it possible for some of that potential to get out of there and to embark on its mission of life changing. I guarantee you’ll feel better. You will have seen great potential and made a contribution. And you will have done something totally unusual. All those things will make you feel better.
Then go back to your work shelter and think about being a good dog yourself. Try to live up to the standards of the best dog you’ve ever known and you’ll be fine.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog