The Goal: Fix Your Partnership Problems In 30 Days.

You don’t have to carry the stress. Get your partnership issues worked out and have your best year ever!

Act While There is Time. Cut the stress for 2020.

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Succession Planning in Family Business

Let’s look at how to plan for the next generation of your family to run your business. It’s never too early to make a succession plan and the earlier you start, the more options you have.

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How to Escape Your Business Partnership

How do I get out of my partnership? And, it’s the biggest reason I am always ranting about having a Partnership Agreement. Without a Partnership Agreement, your options are very limited. You accept anything your partner is willing to give you, or you can dissolve the business.

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Don’t Risk the Money You Put Into Your Partnership

Somebody puts up money with someone who agrees to contribute labor as their contribution to an equal Partnership. Once things are set up, and a lot of money is spent, the other Partner fails to perform, and the troubles begin. I get 2-3 calls like this every week.

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Your Business Partner Keeps Taking Money from the Bank Account

Partners take advantage of partners every day and they get away with it. It is the most painful call I get. It sounds like this, “I put all the money I had into starting our business. My partner had bad credit and no money, but he promised to do all the work to get the business going.

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Message from Chris

“There is still time to fix your partnership issues if you and your partner are still on speaking terms. Think about how great it would be to eliminate the stress of your partnership problems. If you’re willing to do the work, you could start your year in the best position ever.”

I Help Fix Partnership Problems

Yes, sometimes my work is stressful. It’s also very rewarding when I hear those magic words, “yes, I can agree to that.” That’s the instant everything starts to get better. When I help work out a partnership problem, I try to take the friction away so that we can have calm and productive discussions. You would be amazed at how much can be accomplished in a short time once the emotions are out of the way and we can focus on specific ways to eliminate the tension. Many of my clients tell me that the process is therapeutic. For me, yes, there is stress because I want everything to work out, but it’s amazing to be a part of helping so many businesses succeed. I love my work.

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Business Partners in Real Estate Business

“Thank you for helping us get back on track. We both feel like we did when were just starting. You saved me from burnout.”

Worth the Cost

“When you first said that you would help us make more money than it cost us to have you fly out, I was skeptical. You cost less than a month’s salary to hire a business guy and we made that back and more in the first month after you helped us. We see a very good year ahead if the economy holds up.”

Medical Practice Partners

“You have not only helped us with our issues, our practice revenue is up substantially in only 2 months. You we right, we are going to have a great year. Thanks again.”

Fix Your Partnership Problems

Compensation Issues
Compensation can be a very sensitive subject. People get tired of working for little or nothing and may start to tap the business. If one partner wants, or needs, money, an argument can breakout. There are ways to fix compensation issues without breaking the bank.
Partnership Tension
Small disagreements between business partners can feel like a big difference in vision. From experience, I know most partnership tension can be eliminated without a long, costly process. Having me to stand in the middle and guide the conversation is a good way to reduce the emotional component. As we talk things out and reach concrete agreements, you will see your situation get better and better. Almost all problems can be worked out in a couple days. The cost is far less than getting lawyers involved. And, if you are past wanting to work it out, we can come up with a buy-out plan that the business can handle.
Buyout Is Possible
If your partnership is beyond repair, we can work together toward a buyout. If that is already on your mind, be careful about discussing that with your partner. 2 people will agree that a business is worth a million dollars until someone wants out. Then that same business becomes worthless. Better not to discuss a buyout until you are real clear about what you want. Once the negotiation starts, it’s easy for things to get nasty.

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