Don’t underestimate this meat-wearing 90 lb. diva. She’s parlayed her brand into a multi-billion dollar empire. How?

Well, she’s no copycat Madonna. That act has been done. She is no reincarnation of Cher. And she’s got no sidekick. Doesn’t need one.

So what’s the secret?

Transparency. Something all of us can work on.

Let your inner Gaga go a little wild. Take off the straightjacket and start being you. That is, unless you are a jerk, and I know some of those who best stick with their role of playing the part of better than the rest of us but yet feign a bit of caring. Sans the feign, some might slide over to the intolerable column. Not talking about THEM.

I’m talking being honest, admitting to mistakes while getting right back up on those skates, horses, surfboards, marketing campaigns or particle colliders and trying again.

See if you might learn a little reality from the most unreal thing to hit the scene since a group out of Merry Old named for a bug rocked the world.

Chris Reich truly is gaga for Gaga.