Trapped in a Bad Business Partnership? You Can Get Out. You Can Get Your Life Back.

If you are feeling trapped in a bad business partnership, relax. I help business partners separate peacefully. It takes patience and creativity but I can usually find a way for a partner to leave a business without getting into an ugly court fight.

It’s all up to you. If you can calmly work with me and your business partner, there are ways to separate that even a struggling business can handle. If your partner is completely unreasonable, mentally unsound, or thinks he has all the power, call me. I can help you. And if you must go to a lawyer? My work will save a lot of attorney hours. You can’t lose.

Before you call the lawyer, call me. If I can’t get you out, my work will save you money.
I will contact you by email to arrange a time to talk. There are no charges for your initial consultation. You can take as much time as you need. Explain your concerns and ask all the questions you wish. No pressure. All work is confidential. My rates are fair and less than a lawyer’s. Repairing partnerships is what I do.

Why not talk to someone who understands?

** You won’t be put on a list. You won’t be hounded. You control the process. No one will see this but me. I protect your privacy and your business.

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