Have you ever seen a chess clock? It’s a clock with two faces and a push-button atop each face. When a chess player makes his move, he punches his clock which starts his opponent’s clock. When the game is over it’s easy to see the actual time used by each player. I keep one of these clocks on my desk. One side is marked productive and the other distraction.
Whenever I move from actually working to a distraction, I punch the distraction clock. By noon I have a pretty good idea of how my day is going. It’s amazing how much time is distracted away.
I don’t use this every day. This is a “somedays” tool used when I sense that I’m wasting a lot of time. Distractions abound when I’m home. 
You can pick up one of these clocks at a toy store. Let employees check it out for a couple days at a time—knowing how much time is wasted really helps brings things back into FOCUS. It’s easier than keeping a log.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog