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If it’s time to break up the partnership, I’ll help you do it. Generally, a deal can be reached after a few short meetings. I keep it short to keep the tension down.

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Why Not Take the Cheapest, Fastest, and Easiest Path to Dissolving Your Business Partnership?

Chris Reich, Family Business Mediator

“You don’t have to live with this stress. Business partnership problems can be fixed. If people will talk, solutions can be reached. Don’t wait until talking becomes impossible. I have helped negotiate many, many successful buyouts.
Chris Reich, Business Partnership Mediator

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You Might Be Angry, Frustrated, and Stressed with Your Business Partner. Your Best Option Is Mediation. Here’s Why:

You feel stuck. Your partner doesn’t treat you like a partner. Maybe your partner is not doing their part. Communication is broken. You know something has to change. When you try to talk, things blow up.

I deal with these issues every day. You don’t want to get lawyers involved because that costs way too much money. You don’t want to sue anybody. Besides, no lawyer can guarantee victory.

When you choose mediation with me, I’ll help get all the partners to the table and talking like adults. No bickering. No accusations. Sometimes it’s best to break up the partnership. You’ll get the guidance to find a fair valuation and take the proper legal steps to end the partnership. 

Business Mediation by Chris Reich

Violence By a Business Partner Is Never OK

If your business partner ever is violent, call 911 immediately. Yes, even if he missed. You want to document threats of or actual violence.

The Fiduciary Duties of Partners in a Business Partnership

Partners in a business partnership, other than limited partners, have legal obligations to the partnership that are called the Fiduciary Partnership Duties. In this post, we’ll look at these duties and, hopefully, clarify what they mean.

Do Not Stop Working if You Want to Leave the Partnership

When the business partnership breaks down, the darker sides of the personalities come through. A dominant partner turns into a bully. A person who does not do well with conflict will withdraw. As the bully gets more aggressive, the pacifist withdraws further. Eventually, the bully gets so angry they are ready to lock the other partner out. The pacifist quits coming in. The next blowout is over money. The course is as logically predictable as what will happen to your car if you hit the highway with no oil in the engine. It will get louder and louder until the engine seizes.

When Politics and Business Partners Don’t Mix

Unless you are in some sort of political business, you should keep politics out of your establishment completely. Of course, you have freedom of speech, but we are in very contentious times and displays of political or religious positions might be off-putting to to your customers.

Business Partnership Problems with Someone You Were Dating

What happens with the business when people break up? Here’s the information you need to make big decisions and protect yourself.

Chris Reich, Mediator

Honest, Expert, and Fair Partnership Mediation

I help business partners work out a reasonable partnership dissolution. I have found agreement in situations that lawyers couldn’t resolve. One case came to me after the parties spent over $100,000 in legal fees. We reached a deal in 2 months.

We Can Get You Out or Get Your Partner Out

Some business partnership problems can only be resolved with one partner leaving the business. It takes creative thinking to find solutions that satisfy everyone’s wishes. That’s my specialty. You will feel much better as soon as you start the process. If you decide to try to work things out with your partner, I can guide you toward a lasting solution.

Negotiated Buyouts

Sometimes people just can’t work together. If that’s the case, I will help you work out a separation that is fair. Let me take the heat. I’ll guide the partners to a good resolution. And, I’ll help you with terms that protect you from future liability.

Great Success Rate

I’ve fixed some very intense situations. I’ve worked with partners who, before I started with them, threw punches at each other. Not every partnership can be guided to a happy conclusion because there are people who do not want solutions. There are people who like to fight. Some people refuse to allow even a small concession. If the partners are mentally balanced, we’ll work out a win-win.

You Have Rights

What if your partner refuses to talk with you? You have rights and your partner has legal obligations. It’s always best to work things out but if that’s not possible, you need someone who can help you with your rights as a partner. If your partner(s) is so bad that he won’t even consider your point of view, I can help organize your case for a business lawyer.

Chris’ Philosophy


Respect Comes First

All talks are handled respectfully. No matter how frustrated people are with each other, all our work will be conducted with respect. Respect builds trust. Trust opens the door to agreements.


Mediation Must Be Affordable

I pay attention to cost throughout the process. It would be silly to waste money if there is no hope for success. Most cases resolve in fewer than 15 hours. If there is a single issue to work out, I’ve had success in a single meeting and with a good written resolution.


Achieve Lasting Results

Do you think waiting for anger to fade then hastily making an agreement will create a lasting difference? It won’t. Talking things through with an experienced mediator works. People keep agreements when they feel ‘heard’. 

What Clients Are Saying

Web Marketing Company
“Thank you so much for the help you’ve given us. We are now doing a lot better. We are able to talk without arguing.”

Software Development Company
“Our meetings are now productive and we all are staying in the lanes we agreed on. There is a lot less conflict. I hope the 3 of us can keep going forward. See you at next month’s meeting.”

Medical Practice
“The process worked. If you need a reference, feel free to use us. We were on the brink of breaking up the practice but now we’re working as a team.”

Technical Services Company
“You were right from the start. Our differences are going to get worse with time. We were both shocked when you said our best option was separating. Now that we’ve agreed on the terms, we both feel a big sense of relief.”

Real Estate Investment Firm
“Your intervention saved our friendship. I had no idea that we could get compensation issues worked out so easily. The plan you created is good for us both.”

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