Idea! I think we should offer our Zingo in red. Currently, we only offer yellow and blue.

What if red doesn’t sell? (BOUNCE)
Adding red will cost us money. (BOUNCE)
We’ll need new packaging. That means three different boxes. (BOUNCE)
What if red doesn’t sell? (BOUNCE)
I personally don’t like red. (BOUNCE)
What if the stores don’t want to carry red? (BOUNCE)
No one else offers a red model, why should we? (BOUNCE)
What if red doesn’t sell? (BOUNCE)
We don’t have any research to suggest that red will sell. (BOUNCE)
Can we offer a different shade of blue rather than entering a whole new color? (BOUNCE)
We’d better wait until the economy picks up before we start changing things. (BOUNCE)
Why red? Why not green? (BOUNCE)
We offer enough color selection, you can’t please everyone. (BOUNCE)
Offer red and they will want green! Where will it end? (BOUNCE)
My sister-in-law hates red. (BOUNCE)
What if red doesn’t sell? (BOUNCE)

Three months later…

Then it’s decided. We’ll try a limited run in a slightly different shade of blue. We’ll call it “New!” We can use the same blue packaging (no new costs) and just add a “New!” sticker to the box. If the new blue shows promise, we can do a study to see if there is market interest in red. In the meantime, we’re safe with new blue. Remember, let’s plan a very limited run. I don’t want to see a warehouse full of unsold new blue.

Later that afternoon…

Boss! I just went to Wally’s Mart to see what the competition was doing and they’ve come out with a red model and people were grabbing them up! <gasp>

Don’t worry. People will get tired of red. Besides, they’re making those in China. We can’t compete with their cheap labor.

Chris Reich: Just give ideas thoughtful consideration.