Don’t Make Me Think (2nd Ed.)
By Steve Krug
This is the best book I have ever read about how a website should look. Notice, I did not say the best book about HOW to make a website—it’s about how your company’s site should look. The book is not a technical “how to” book filled with odd-ball code. In fact, there is no code in it.
The focus of the book is website usability. It clearly and enjoyably describes how to make your website more USEABLE and therefore more effective. The book uses full-color images of actual websites with suggestions for improving the usability of the pictured sites.
I have reworked my own site since reading the book and am still making Steve’s recommended changes—web work is very time consuming!
Why do I recommend this book to managers? Because YOU need to know how a site should look to achieve maximum results.
Most web designers are “code pounders”. They can add all sorts of neat tricks and “dancing baloney” to your website given the time and budget. But web designers seldom understand business. This book clearly describes how to make a visit to your company’s website a more pleasant experience for your site’s visitor.
Please, I encourage you to read this book. In fact, I’d recommend copies for everyone in your organization with anything to do with the company website.
Shameless Promotion: No time to read the book? I can help. I can perform a review of your company’s site and offer suggestions based on the concepts gained in this book and learned from experience.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog