Try Using an Ipod or MP3 Player

Many people I meet in business love to read but either don’t have the time or the energy to read as much as they’d like to. Have you considered getting a IPOD and using it for audio books? The basic IPOD models (or other MP3 players) will hold several complete books (literally a hundred hours of audio book) and still have room for a few CDs.
This is a great way to make use of your car or airplane time and is a lot more relaxing than listening to traffic reports and news. With the IPOD you have no CDs or tapes to fumble with and the audio books in digital format are generally a lot cheaper than those supplied on CD or tape.
We highly recommend a subscription to The selection is huge and current and subscribing saves a lot of money. You still pick any book you want from their huge selection but agree to take two books per month at a flat rate. I’ve been on the plan for two years and love it.
We’ll do everything possible to assist you with the set up of your IPOD for use with audio books—no charge. This gives us a chance to demonstrate our service capabilities. There’s a link to a recommended IPOD on that page as well. I put the link up because people often will fall prey to a sales pitch and spend a lot more money than necessary. The IPOD we recommend is ideal for audio books and reasonably priced. Call me if you need help