That’s right. Everybody is trying to be perfect these days. Don’t make a typo. Don’t wear the wrong thing. Don’t try anything new. Don’t suggest change.
Dull. The work place is getting dull. People are afraid to innovate. What if the idea is rejected? What if the suggestion fails? What if the “others” resent you for offering new ideas? There could be serious consequences to being different!
Play it safe and don’t risk it. When you get laid off—eventually you will—you’ll have that perfect record of zero mistakes to propel you to your next dead end cubicle. Be sure to include your perfection on a perfect resume! And be sure your perfect resume is “original” so it “stands out” or rather above the other resumes as being more perfect. You don’t want to stand out—too far out. You can get original ideas from books on how to make original resumes. They work. Trust me. Everybody uses them.
Or you can say, “I’m different.” It’s risky. It means if you feel like wearing business clothes to work instead of gymnausism attire, you do it. (That’s not a typo) I’m getting tired of arriving at businesses dressed for business and seeing everyone else dressed for a soccer game. What? Are we going to discuss your business or bench press for who buys lunch?
Yes, it’s risky. But people fear what never happens. The original thinkers who contribute bold ideas are often wrong. But when they are right, everybody wins.  When wrong, little, if anything is lost. I’ve never seen anyone fired over an idea that didn’t work.
If you want to do exactly what you’re doing now until you’re “released” to do the same thing elsewhere, play it safe. Don’t ever suggest anything new. Don’t ever, ever challenge your superiors or your people or the “way things are done”.
But if you want to see results and get some satisfaction from your work, be different. It’s hard to do and it takes courage. But you’ve got the stuff.
If you need some suggestions, call me. Let’s shake things up.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog