This is a great tip albeit a bit tough to put into words.
Let’s say you have a file you need to associate with a particular contact in your Outlook Contact list. The guys in IT are on your back about saving emails with gigantic attachments but you feel more comfortable having the file in Outlook because you know exactly where it is. What to do?
Save the attachment in an appropriate folder. Use “My Computer” to go to the file you just saved. RIGHT click the file and select “Create Shortcut”. A shortcut will be created to that file and it will be higlighted. RIGHT click on your newly created shortcut and select CUT. (Hint: You can can always tell a shortcut from a real file because shortcuts have that little arrow on their icon)
Open the Outlook contact with whom you wish to associate this file. In the big notes section, RIGHT click and select PASTE. Your shortcut will appear.
Voila! You have linked this contact to the file WITHOUT bloating your email account! It makes it very handy to pull up contracts and agreements associated with a particular contact.
Give it a try.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog