If you’re in business, you need to understand the primary concept behind this book.

It’s not about being weird but it is about distinguishing your business in remarkable ways.

If more businesses would just do that, distinguish themselves in some way, they would reap the benefits. Big benefits.

The book is simple, the core idea profound. Very few people ‘get it’ in spite of how simple it is. Most will finish and say “it doesn’t apply to me.”  It does.

The biggest complaint I have with all of Seth Godin’s books is that they fail to emphasize that the concepts he lays out apply to every business. My only other complaint is that he doesn’t explain the “how” after he gives the idea.

Let me say that this does apply to your business. I don’t care what your business is, this applies. And, it always will. Unlike most business books which are based on the fad of the week—6 Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Total Quality, Mission Statements, Blah Blah Blah Blah—This book is timeless.

And, it will take just a bit of thinking to implement. The process can be fun. I know, I hear it until I’m sick of hearing it. “We’re hanging in there; things will get better.” It makes me sick to see to see businesses do things the same way year after struggling year. That’s why our economy is weak. WE are mentally lazy. It was easy to move manufacturing to China—it’s easy to cut costs. But you cannot cut your way to success. (Note: in the past, we actually thought cutting interest rates was stimulating the economy. Greenspan? Dumb luck. We’re at nearly 0% now and the economy is stalled. Why? Mental laziness. End of rant.)

I know that most businesses struggle and often fail because they miss being purple cows.

I generally do not self-promote on my blog. But this time I will. If you want help with this concept, if you want 2011 to be a lot better than 2010, I can help. You’ll pay for my time and you’ll have to allow some change. But if you do, you will get the results you want within a reasonably short time.

Listen to the CDs, buy the book or download the audio version. Then call me.

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