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My review:

At first I thought this book was going to be a rehash of material I had read elsewhere. Books about business, behavioral economics and brain ‘stuff’ often are compiled from material based on the ‘original’ idea founding the concept.

Not so here. True, some of the early pages aren’t new ideas. You can find similar exercises on honesty in “Exercises in Ethics”. But as the book goes deeper, it gets more and more interesting. You may find yourself squirming a little as Ariely explores the relativity of honesty.

Atheists can be influenced by religious reminders. And the religious will fudge the rules as readily as the non-believer. How dirty will the act of dishonesty get you? That is a sort of determining factor of whether we jump to the dark side. It’s more a perception of self than that of ‘right’.

Because I am in business, I read books like this primarily for business application. I found a lot of very valuable insight in this book. Properly approached, companies could save billions in losses. Using the principles in sales, someone just might greatly improve their close rate.

There is a lot to assimilate. If you give it thought, you’ll surely get a return on your investment by reading the book. If you approach the book purely for entertainment, you’ll get that too.

That makes a book worthy of the paper. It’s a keeper for your library.

Chris Reich

The Honest Truth about DishonestyI have a copy for the first person to write me at [email protected]