Tony Hayward, now former CEO of British Pollution, got his life back today. He no longer will need to find ways to cut costs on those damned expensive off-shore drilling rigs. Tony no longer will be looking for corners to cut as he now will have the time and money to return to his first love, yachting.

I doubt that Mr. Hayward will do much yachting in the Gulf of Mexico however, as that nasty oil sludge can really screw up the hull of a finely crafted sailing vessel. Don’t forget those horrible fumes that can really make a guy who is accustomed more rarefied air, sick to his delicate tummy. Tony, or “T” as we friends of his call him, probably wouldn’t like his toxic dispersant splashing up onto his servants as replacing good help is about as tough as plugging a deep water gusher.

No, I think T will be spending his yachting time closer to home, at least until a BP well ruptures in the North Sea. Now THAT would ruin just everything for the world’s yachters! (Yes, I know the tearm is yachtsman but I do not wish to be sexist as I understand that Ms. Carly Fiorina is a bi-coastal yachter.)

I just can’t let stories about bad, bad, bad ethics go by without mention. I believe strongly that greed is going to bring the demise of the best countries on the planet if WE don’t stop tolerating it.

I’m sick and tired of the greedy taking away jobs, polluting the planet and picking our pockets.

Good riddance T.

Chris Reich