Would you like to have a great day today? At the end of the day, would you like to go home charged up instead of drained? Would you like to hear some enthusiastic chatter instead of muffled complaining?

Okay management, do this!

Get out of your office or up from your desk and take a walk. Yes, walk around management. Get up and go talk to everyone under your responsibility. Talk to them. Ask about how things are going. Ask if there is anything you can do to help. If true, tell them they are doing a good job and thank them for for their work.

Too squishy for you?

Fine, pay the price for not doing it.

Walking around talking to people gives a huge morale boost. If you can answer questions, those answers will contribute to today’s productivity. And when you dish out sincere appreciation you change the atmosphere toward the positive. It’s so rare to hear a good word that a simple “thank you” goes a very, very long way.

Unless you’re too busy to do it. In that case, stay behind your closed door doing important stuff. You can answer all those emails.

You know why you have so many emails that need to be answered?

You aren’t available for conversation. You’re too busy. You let your people know that you’re too busy.

You’re probably too busy to read this!

It’s up to you. You could have a great day. Or not.

Chris Reich