I never liked the question.
What did you learn today? This is a very important question.
Seriously, Johnny. If you can’t think of anything you learned today, you can’t think of anything.
Learning actually protects the brain from shriveling up. True. Learning may prevent dementia.
Learning also makes you, smarter. Duh. But don’t you realize that being smarter makes you a better competitor?
Some people don’t get this and never will. But each and every day there are literally millions of people working to take your place in the big business food chain. Millions.
If you didn’t learn anything new today, what’s your excuse? Too busy? I doubt you’re as busy as me. I have three businesses to take care of—all profitable by the way. Is/Are yours? Well?
When I’m not working I’m reading. When I’m too tired to read I use my I-Pod to pump idea-sparking words into my head.
You don’t have to go that far. I do. It’s part of my job to learn, learn, learn so I can TeachU. But you do need to learn—they’re gaining on us all the time. If you don’t have time to learn, really truly don’t have the time, call me. I’ll TeachU something.
Learning something new every day is basic to survival. It’s part of Business Astronomy™ 101.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business talk Blog