Is it possible for an employee to care too much about his work or his company? No. Can an employee care too much about her customers? No. Can an employee care too much about sales or returns? No. Can an employee care too much about procedures on the job? No.

Really?! No?!


Can an employee overreact to a situation? Yes. Can an employee go overboard with the demonstration of “caring”? Yes.

Can you please see what I’m getting at here?

The employee who seems is annoying because every apparently little thing sets her off needs some guidance.

You want employees who care. They are hard to find. They are very easy to break.

I see a lot of crushing of morale these days. And I hear story after story from friends, real and virtual, about being spiritually crushed at work. No, I don’t mean their religion is taken away. I mean people are having their spirits smashed at work.


We are in a tough economy. Why don’t we see a new era of encouragement with guidance?

A big piece of the recession we are in is now our own doing. We are not pulling together at work, we’re scrapping for crumbs. I see “it’s not my fault” a lot more often than “I’ll help you fix that”. Management and wannabe managers wall themselves off. Why?

There is a huge opportunity right now for the businesses willing to do a little work with their talent pool. Just a little encouragement and a bit more communication and most companies could see a lot of improvement.

Those people who annoy the hell out of you, they care. If you harness that, guide that caring you’ll reap the results.

Chris Reich