Creating jobs creates more than you might think. Businesses spout off about caring for their people—even Adobe, voted the best place to work has decided to eliminate people rather than get their mojo back and raise sales. Think they’ll be the best place to work after throwing thousands of employees to the sharks?

Companies see employees as mini cost centers. Yes, workers cost money. But employed people are customers as well. Yes, even if they don’t buy from your company directly. When we’re all employed and thriving, well, we’re all thriving. If the toy company is employing people here in the US, and that toy company is doing well, it buys supplies and equipment which in turn supports another dozen enterprises.

If you agree with me, that your business could be doing better than it is, and that work CAN be fun, let’s put our heads together and make you more money. In the process we’ll create a few jobs.

Chris Reich