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It’s very stressful and painful when there is tension in a business partnership. You put your money, heart, and soul into a business and now you’ve got problems with your business partner. Relax. You’ve found the help you need. Start with a free consultation and get real answers to your questions.

You will feel better immediately.

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You Might Be Angry, Frustrated, and Stressed Out. Your Best Option Is Mediation. Here’s Why:

You feel stuck. You want to get the best lawyer and sue! 

Of course you do. I understand because I deal with these same issues every day. But here’s the reality. It costs a lot of money to sue a business partner. You’ll spend thousands and it will tie you up for years with no guaranty of winning.

When you choose mediation with me, I’ll walk you and your partner through every issue. We’ll develop agreements and put them in writing. If your partner breaks those agreements in the future, you’ll have a clear path to victory if legal action is necessary. Fact is, once issues have been worked out with a third party, they rarely come up again. 

Chris Reich, Family Business Mediator

“You don’t have to live with this stress. Business partnership problems can be fixed. If people will talk, solutions can be reached. Just don’t wait until talking becomes impossible.”
Chris Reich, Business Partnership Mediator

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Business Mediation by Chris Reich

5 Points to Consider When a Partner Is Locked Out Of the Business

Locking a partner out is a risky move. The locked-out partner has rights that if violated could entitle him to reinstatement and damages.

What Should Be Included in Your Partnership Agreement

There are many things to cover in a solid Partnership Agreement. In this video, I’ll explain the items that need to be covered. You may have other items to include as well. Keep in mind that there are many ways to address each clause. My job is to offer you options and to help partners agree on how they want to address every line item.

Protect Your Interests with a Partnership Agreement

Your Partnership Agreement protects your interests. Ideally you would go to a qualified business attorney and have the proper legal document drafted. But if you are putting it off because of the expense, you can get the key items on paper to protect you and your business.

It May Be Legal to Lock Your Partner Out of the Business

There are times when you legally can and should lock your partner out of the business. But, those are rare circumstances. Locking your partner out, even if your partner is showing bad behavior, open you to potential liability.

3 Signs That a Partnership Is Never Going to Work

I pay close attention to what is expressed during my private interviews before we start a mediation process. There are 3 signs a partnership will fail.

Chris Reich, Mediator

Honest, Expert Partnership Mediation

I help business partners work out our their differences and grow their businesses using my relaxed, cost-effective method.

We Can Work It Out

Most business partnership problems can be resolved. It takes creative thinking to find solutions that satisfy everyone’s wishes. That’s my specialty.

Good Success Rate

Sometimes people don’t want to work things out. They might be afraid of being cast aside. Maybe they just can’t give up control. If there is zero willingness to find compromises, the process will fail. But when people care about each other and are willing to consider possibilities, things can work out in the toughest situations.

You Have Rights

What if your partner refuses to talk with you? You have rights and your partner has legal obligations. It’s always best to work things out but if that’s not possible, you need someone who can help you with your rights as a partner.

Chris’ Philosophy


Respect Comes First

All talks are handled respectfully. No matter how frustrated people are with each other, all our work will be conducted with respect. Respect builds trust. Trust opens the door to agreements.


The Help Must Be Affordable

I pay attention to cost throughout the process. It would be silly to waste money if there is no hope for success.


Protect the Business

My client is your business. While I work hard to protect everyone’s interests, it’s the business I want to preserve. It started as your dream. Let’s work together to work out differences and grow the company. And if it’s time to quit, we can work out an organized exit or shutdown.

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