Should You Sue Your Business Partner? Maybe.

Do you want to get what you deserve or win the argument?

You may be in a position where you have to sue your business partner to save the company. If your partner is doing harm intentionally or acting irresponsibly, litigation may be your best option. Unfortunately, that’s a very expensive route and often takes 5 years to conclude.

If you are angry and want ‘justice,’ there are other options. I always ask if the risk of losing the fight is worth the possible win. In other words, if you can get what you want without going to court, wouldn’t that be a better option?

I help wronged business partners get what they want without going to the expense of litigation. And if I think you should sue? I’ll tell you without wasting a cent of your money.

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Before you spend money to start a long, expensive legal process, take a free consultation with me. I want you to get the justice you deserve without the stress and expense of court.

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