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Chris Reich of TeachU- Business Mediation

Business Partnership Mediator,
Chris Reich

Most business partnerships can be fixed.  As a professional mediator, I will help you reach fair and practical solutions to your partnership problems. If partners can no longer work together, I’ll guide you through the process of separating your interests fairly. Start with a free consultation. I’ll explain the process and answer all your questions.

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Why Call Chris Reich

Business Partnership Mediation

This is for you if you’re in a business partnership with even the slightest tension.

Chris Reich of TeachU is your best option for successful, low-cost, and convenient partnership mediation.

Unlike other mediators that act more like judges and charge outrageous fees, Chris is the only business mediator who has always used video conferences to eliminate partnership stress throughout the U.S. and Canada. That saves you money and it works.

Not only does Chris bring respect back to your partnership quickly, he provides on-going support to guide you through future bumps in your partnership’s road.

Why Choose Chris Reich to Mediate Your Business Partnership Issues: Read the Article

Fix or Get Out of a Bad Partnership

Start With A Free Consultation

Get Help with Your Business Partnership from an Excellent Business Mediator

  • Regain the Respect
  • Rebuild the Trust
  • Create a Partnership Agreement
  • Set Up Policies to Prevent Future Fractures
  • Open Communication Between Partners
  • Implement Rules Between Partners
  • Focus Partners on the Same Goals
  • Resolve Issues Around Compensation (Examples)
  • Structure Responsibilities


  • Help with Partner Separation or Buyout

Sometimes It’s Best to Get Out of a Bad Partnership

I Will Help You Exit Your Partnership
if You Want Out

Sometimes it’s best to get out when a partnership goes bad. I understand the stress. Before you say anything to anyone, please talk to me. There are no charges for the time and you can talk as long as you’d like. I’ll listen. You can ask all the questions you want to ask. 

Don’t try to do this alone.  I’m an honest guy who knows how much stress you’re under and will do everything possible to help you achieve a clean exit if decide to hire me.


Most Partnership Problems Are Resolved with a Few Easy Meetings.

I work in every state (and D.C.). Every effort is made to help you with your partnership and business issues in the least costly manner. Whether our work is by phone, video conference, or in person at your business; I always consider cost. I want results as much as you do. That’s my job.

What Works
Best for You

Video Conference mediation

We use my video conference account to have live meetings. This is a great way to work out problems.

By Phone

Some work can be handled by phone. We talk when a quick call will do.

Meet at Your Business

I travel all over the U.S. to help my clients. There are times when meeting in person is essential.

Advise You Privately

If your partner refuses to participate in a mediation process, I can act as your private advisor helping deal with partnership issues.

From Chris Reich

Dealing with Partnership Problems

You are wise to seek advice if you are feeling tension in your partnership. Lots of things can pull a business down, but the two biggest drags on a business are taxes and partnership problems. Both need to be treated seriously.

Take the First Step Toward Resolution,
A Free Consultation

I work in every state. Nearly Every situation can be fixed using video conference.

Call: (530) 467-5690

Email: [email protected]

Yes, we can talk nights and weekends by Appointment

Blog posts by Chris Reich

Business Partners Must Agree to Agree

If you make an agreement with your business partner that you will ALWAYS reach agreement on ANY business item that comes up, no matter how strongly you both feel and no matter how far apart on an issue, your partnership will thrive.

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Chris Reich of TeachU Fixes Partnership Problems

All work is fully confidential from the first moment of contact. Every new client relationship begins with a series of free consultations with all parties. It's important to me that we all feel good about working together before we start. This site does not provide specific legal advice.

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Yes, I work nights and weekends by arrangement. Call any time. I will always get right back to you.

Clients who have worked with lawyers, counselors, consultants, and coaches often tell me that my business mediation service is the best and least expensive way to fix a partnership.

Chris Reich, Business Mediator

Business Partnership Mediation
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Business Partnership Mediation
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Eliminate the horrible stress in your business partnership. Get Help with Your Business Partnership from an Excellent Business Mediator 1. Rebuild the Trust 2. Create a Partnership Agreement 3. Set Up Policies to Prevent Future Fractures 4. Open Communication Between Partners 5. Implement Rules Between Partners 6. Get Partners on the Same Goals 7. Resolve Issues Around Compensation (Examples) 8. Structure Responsibilities Or… 10. Help with Partner Separation or Buyout