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The 3Es™ System Can Improve the Profits of Any Business

Improve Your Business Through Education, Ethics and Excellence

The 3Es System of business improvement is designed to strengthen your business today and into the globally competitive future. It gets harder every day to maintain sales and margins. Competition is tough and costs are always rising. Customers demand more value and more service and you must deliver on those demands with fewer resources. How?
The 3Es System was developed to supplant Lean, LSS and 6-Sigma. Those systems are 30 years old and, frankly, not very successful today. Search the internet for the success record of “Lean”. Research indicates the success rate for companies implementing Lean at less than 2%. More generous studies put Lean’s success rate at 10%. That means the expensive black-belt guided Lean program is 90% likely to FAIL. Lean initiatives are not cheap. Why spend thousands or hundreds of thousands on a program that is likely to fail? Try a successful program.

The 3Es System of improvement starts by finding immediate improvement opportunities. Your business will see improved results within 30 days. One key principle of the 3Es System is “Small, Inexpensive Improvements Aggregate to BIG Results.”

3Es starts by identifying inexpensive improvements so everyone from upper management to front line employees can see that it works. When people see results, they’re in. Also, once your people realize that the goal is to build the business, not to eliminate people (though that sometimes happens), they will support the initiative.

This “immediate fruit” method helps build support for the program from the beginning. 3Es isn’t about cutting. Your people will not see 3Es as putting their jobs at risk. 3Es sees people as assets, not line items on an expense report. Note: Unproductive or uncooperative people might have to go. Business is a team sport and you want the best possible players.

Yes, efficiency matters. 3Es is designed to maximize the value of every dollar spent. 3Es helps your teams become more productive than ever.

“It’s like this. If Lean is a diet, 3Es is a complete program of improved diet and exercise. Eat less or eat well? Which has the better long term track-record?”  — Chris Reich, Creator of 3Es

The Basis of the 3Es System

3Es is based on the 3 Es that form a solid foundation for business: Education, Ethics and Excellence.  A 3Es initiative starts with a general review of the business. We’ll look for things that can bring quick and lasting results to your business. Once those items are identified, we use education (training, teaching, team building, etc.) to start making the improvements. Change is evaluated in terms of ethics. Are we doing the right thing? And each improvement must bring a new level of excellence to the change item. This 3Es cycle of identify, solve, implement and then measure results, works and it works quickly. Certainly, bigger problems take more time to correct. Starting with items that can generate an immediate return for you builds confidence in the system.

As you gain results from the small improvements, you can attack the bigger items. The system is adaptable. By starting with the smaller projects and gaining fast results, you can better plan the direction of the bigger initiatives because you and your team will grow in understanding of the system.

Before your company or division decides to go Lean, talk to us about 3Es. You’ll like it. Your team will support it. Your stakeholders will benefit from it. 3Es is fully scalable and will benefit any size business from the smallest food stand to the Fortune 100 giant.


Want your business to do better?

No crazy expensive black belt will do for your business what you and I can do together. You’ll spend far less money and see immediate results.

Chris, thank you for what you’ve taught me in the past few months. I feel like we’ve done so much and yet it’s only been a short time. I don’t think we would have made it. Thanks for hanging in there. What’s next?

Robert K.

Business Owner

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