Putting Your Pitch Deck Together

There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle

Get Your Pitch Deck Right

I get a lot of calls for help with the preparation of a “pitch deck”. A pitch deck is a set of slides used to [hopefully] raise money with investors.

The process starts with an evaluation of what my client has put together. I have yet to see a good pitch deck from a client. In fact, every set of slides I have reviewed has been awful. The pitch decks people have sent me are either too long, off point or unconvincing.

Your pitch deck, whether for a new startup business or to raise funds for an existing business must some very basic criterion:

#1 Look good (An ugly pitch deck is dead on arrival)

# 2 Be short (yes, 20 slides is too long)

# 3 Be realistic (A VC will run from your projected 2,000% sales increase year over year)

#4 Emphasize what YOU want and what the INVESTOR gets (No, being open is not a good strategy)

Get Help!

You only get one opportunity per investor. Get your presentation right! Remember, the purpose of the pitch deck is not to close the deal on the spot. The pitch should get you to those magic words, “I’m interested.”

The next conversation will be the closer. You want to have your plans in order and they should be realistic. Investors are looking for an opportunity to make money. If you project insanely optimistic returns, it won’t entice an investor. That shows that you lack experience. Be conservative. Be clear.

I am happy to assist you with putting your pitch deck together. Together we can review your plan to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. To get started, just give me a call.

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Pitch Deck Help!

I would be happy to help you with your business plans and pitch deck. Chris Reich, TeachU
I would be happy to help you with your business plans and pitch deck. Call me for a free discussion about your business plans. All conversations are confidential. Your ideas are safe with me. Chris Reich, TeachU
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