What Have I Been Doing?

Recently, I was able to help a successful business work out an executive compensation agreement. The business is impressive and poised to be very successful under superb leadership.

I was able to help a large business in Wisconsin untangle a number of issues, This was an extremely successful project. I admire the partners and am proud of the great work they are doing to build a lucrative business while serving their community. This trip gave me a day with friends in Madison too!

There were two successful trips to Florida where I facilitated partnership meetings. One case is on-going and the other, a family business in a very tense impasse, might never resolve because the parties waited too long to get outside advice and they have no Operating or Partnership Agreements.

I worked on a business plan for a new cannabis cultivation venture. This has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the past couple of years and is going to be huge in the near future. The business plan prevented a potentially disastrous partnership. In this case, I strongly recommend that the partner with the means look for a better partner or start the venture without a partner and hire the needed expertise. This project was a rare opportunity to prevent a train wreck later on.

The highlight of the past couple of months was the work done to resolve a client’s dispute with a customer. It’s a B2B business and my client was essentially being extorted by one of his customers. The customer demanded payment of several million dollars. After a complete audit of the books (I conducted) I was able to use accounting data to negotiate a settlement. For ZERO DOLLARS. There’s a grateful client!

This past 6 months I have helped clients in 21 states resolve issues. In most cases, we were able to fix things without the need for travel.

Chris Reich, Business Partnership Repair at TeachU


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