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6 Reasons to Choose Chris Reich as Your Business Partnership Mediator

Here are 6 reasons why I believe I offer the best business partnership mediation. This may seem a little self-serving but I work hard for my clients and am proud of the many cases I’ve settled successfully. —Chris Reich

Here Are 6 Reasons Why I Believe I am the Best Business Partnership Mediator

Before I launch into this, let me say that there are many fine business mediators. With all sincerity, I believe that I offer the best service and the best cost to settle your business partnership dispute. Call me to discuss your situation. I guarantee you will feel better after the first, free, conversation. Let’s get started on those 6 reasons.

Reason #1: Unique Approach to Business Mediation

My approach is totally unique. I have developed an exceptional technique based on bringing people to agreement. I don’t make rulings or take sides, I ‘moderate’ planned discussions that are designed to cut out the tension bring people together on business points. New clients are amazed when I tell them that I insist on 100% agreement from the parties who are in dispute. And, I almost always can achieve that. If people are so hostile that they cannot reach agreement on simple business items, I know that it’s time to separate. If that’s the case, I will help with that and not waste money. I have only seen a few cases that could not be worked out.

Reason #2: Cost

For many people, this is probably reason 1. I know we are never supposed to talk about price. If you’re the best, you can charge the most. But I see it this way. If you have a problem in your business partnership, you already have plenty of stress. My job is to cut, not add stress. I charge reasonable fees based on what I know I can do for you. Many of my clients contract with me to work with them well beyond fixing the partnership. I will give you solid business advice as we work through the other issues. That’s real value. I don’t log every little phone call and every email reply. When people are talking, things get fixed. If they feel like every word is on a meter, it’s much harder to keep the dialogue open. I’ll always take your call and I will always answer your email.

Reason #3: Business Knowledge

You get much more than a skilled mediator. You will get business guidance that works. I can put real concrete business improvement ideas on the table for you to analyze with your business partner(s). Nothing brings people together like making money. I’ve helped many different industries and you’ll see the experience working for you at our first meeting.

Best Business Partnership Mediator - Chris Reich

I sincerely believe that I am the best business mediator you will find.

Business Partnership Meadiation by Chris Reich

Reason #4: Cost Saving Methods Available

I am able to work in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. I do travel when it seems the best way to handle a problem. There are times when it’s best to sit in a room and work together. Often we can use video conferencing with great success. I have solved some huge issues while working with parties separated by hundreds of miles. I use email, texts, and a land line. Big partnership differences can be resolved at less cost than most attorneys charge as a deposit! I’m proud of that.

Reason #5: Patience, Patience, Patience

I can deal with whatever problems you have with your business partner. I am patient enough to listen, listen, listen.

Reason #6: I Care About You and Your Business

I sincerely do care. When you hire me to mediate your partnership dispute, you place a lot of trust in me. I take that seriously. I have been self-employed for nearly all of my adult life so I understand how hard having a business is. Having problems with your partner is more stressful than problems at home! Work with someone who sees you as a person, not a retainer fee. 


Thank you for reading this. I know it’s pretty self-serving but people want to know what makes a mediator better than another.

I wish you the best.

Chris Reich, Business Mediator

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“I do not see you as a retainer fee. You are person I admire. After 30 years of self-employment myself, I know the stress you are under and promise to do my best to fix it.” 
Chris Reich

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