You Don’t Have to Be Stuck in a Bad Business Partnership.

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You have 2 choices. Fix it. Leave the partnership. I will help you as I have helped many, many other partners in bad partnerships. My name is Chris Reich (rich) and I just might be the best business partnership mediator available. And, you get rates that are less than half that of a lawyer.

I can only help you change your partnership situation if you contact me. Your relief from the stress starts with a free consultation. Guaranteed.

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All consultations are 100% confidential and free. Take all the time you need. There will be no pressure or obligation. I guarantee that you will feel better after we talk. ~ Chris Reich, TeachU

Do Not Stop Working if You Want to Leave the Partnership

Do Not Stop Working if You Want to Leave the Partnership

When the business partnership breaks down, the darker sides of the personalities come through. A dominant partner turns into a bully. A person who does not do well with conflict will withdraw. As the bully gets more aggressive, the pacifist withdraws further. Eventually, the bully gets so angry they are ready to lock the other partner out. The pacifist quits coming in. The next blowout is over money. The course is as logically predictable as what will happen to your car if you hit the highway with no oil in the engine. It will get louder and louder until the engine seizes.