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I Help Businesses Make Money

Through Education, Ethics and Excellence

Unlike typical consulting firms, TeachU will teach you and your team how to move forward in your own style at a comfortable pace. TeachU provides a totally different business improvement experience. You want your business to do better and we want the process to be fun and successful. We can show you how to improve morale, fix work-life balance, organize everything and build sales and profits. Our difference? We show you how and give as much help as you want.

Through our 3Es programs, you will see improvements quickly.

We know:

Does your business 'feel' disorganized? We can help put systems and procedures into place that will save time and improve work flow---without upsetting yoour team.

Class Starting Soon!

Thinking About Starting a Business?

Take our online "How to Start a Business" class and increase your chances of success. You'll learn how to avoid the mistakes that cause 80% of new businesses to fail.

You will save thousands of dollars on your start-up costs too.

Class starts soon.

Great Class for Small Business-

Excel Models and Forms for Success

Excel can be like a personal assistant if you know how to use it. TeachU is pleased to offer this 2 session class on creating formulas that will save you time.

Learn how to use Excel in ways that will improve your business. Excel, used as properly will save you time and make you more money in your business. You have to know what to measure and how to set it up.

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