Business Education Services

TeachU™ helps businesses by providing business education programs and workshops to improve professional skills and results.

We believe these 3 things are true:

  1. Any business can do better
  2. Small, inexpensive improvements aggregate to BIG results
  3. Fun at work matters
TeachU, A Business Education Company Based on the 3E System

Chris Reich of TeachUYou are working too hard, for too little and not having fun. That's easier to change than you think.
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The TeachU Difference

We offer  education experiences designed to improve the bottom line of every business we work with.  The sooner we realize that we are all valuable and not just line items on the expense report, the better off we all will be. We can do it. You can do it. Your business, your division, your team can do better and have fun.

The three building blocks of a solid, long sustaining business are education, ethics and excellence. That means we should always be learning, act in a way that is fair and honest, and deliver the best quality products and services possible.

A Sampling of Our Fun,  Advanced Business Education Programs:
  • How to Get More Accomplished in Less Time (Time Management)
  • Building a True Employee Incentive Program
  • Learn to Have Fun at Work (Fun = Productivity, This doesn't mean clowning around)
  • Forget About LEAN, Innovate
  • Creativity CAN Be Learned
  • Business Problem Solving Skills
  • Executive Communication
  • Business Writing
  • Advanced Strategic Presentation Skills

The 3E System Developed by TeachU is Superior to Lean
We developed the 3Es™ (pronounced "3-Ease") System of business improvement based the three Es of successful business:

No business can succeed for long without all 3 of the Es. Why go Lean when you can improve with 3Es?