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Business Coaching and Startup Advice: Play to Win with TeachUChris Reich of TeachUTeachU™ helps large and small businesses by providing practical advice, education programs and workshops.

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The TeachU difference? We do not mind showing you "how" to do things. Want a marketing idea? We Teach YOU. Pay for an hour, learn to do it yourself or have us do it for you. You decide.

Would you like your website to actually produce business for you? Do you need some ideas about how to get sales momentum? Are you spending marketing dollars that aren't producing? Would your staff benefit from professional development training?

Have you lost hours trying to figure out how to do something that you know must be simple? TeachU will help YOU. That's what we do at TeachU. You might not have the time to do it all so we can help. We'll get you caught up and then show you how to do the things that matter.       Read more...

Women thinking about starting a business should watch this.

Looking for Someone to "Show Me How"?

What Am I Reading?

Starting a new business? You want the best chance of success, right? So many people put their savings on the line and dive in without even talking with a business advisor who could save them thousands of dollars. Why?

Buying a business? There is a 99% chance you will pay too much. Very few people know how to properly value a business. In fact, most people will put more research and negotiation into buying a car than buying a business! If you want to save thousands on a business purchase, talk to me.

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