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We help your business grow.

Education, Ethics and Excellence

Unlike consulting firms, TeachU will teach you and your team how to move forward in your own style at your pace. TeachU provides a totally different business improvement experience. You want your business to do better and we want the process to be fun and successful for you.

We can show you how to organize your business and build sales and profits. Our difference? We show you how. I you want to do things yourself, we’ll teach you how. We give as much help as you want.

Does your business ‘feel’ disorganized? We can help put systems and procedures into place that will save time and improve work flow—without upsetting your team.

2 Hours of Better

Your Business Could Be Doing Better

I believe that there is room for improvement in any business. Yes, even my own business can do better. “Better” should always be a target.

Do you believe your business can do better? Join me for a private 2 hour session to talk about making more money. We cannot solve all the problems in 2 hours but I can give you plenty of things to work on that will produce results quickly.

To arrange your 2 hour brain storming session at a very special rate, just give me a call. Pour a cup of coffee and let’s have a conversation.

I would love to put my 30 years of business experience to work for you. Your business can do better. Let’s look for opportunities.

Chris Reich

CEO, TeachU

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