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Let’s Work Together to Solve Your Business Problems

I provide 2 core services to help your business thrive.

  1. Improve profitability by identifying opportunity for improvement and helping you realize those opportunities
  2. Help settle disputes with partners, vendors, customers or employees.

I can show you how to organize your business and build sales and profits. The TeachU difference? I show you how to improve your business without spending a lot of money. Frankly, if a business cannot organically correct its most serious problems, spending large sums on grand schemes won’t work.

My mantra is always “Big rocks first”. That means you must prioritize and then devote your effort to those items that will bring the most return in the shortest possible time.

Partnership problems? If 50% of marriages fail, it should come as no surprise that partnerships fail at a pretty high rate. But failure isn’t the problem. The problem is the difficulty of working in a partnership when tension arises. There can be a lot of stress for anyone dealing with a partner who has a different vision for the business. Most problem partnerships are in successful businesses. It takes a lot of creative thinking to keep a successful business from sinking once a dispute breaks out.

How the Pillars of 3Es Work

Education: Because every business problem has a solution.

Ethics: Because doing the right thing in business is as important as doing the thing right.

Excellence: Because quality builds income and loyalty while reducing cost.

    What’s The Method?

    Business can be tough. I know that. I have had my struggles and have helped many businesses with theirs. There is no “one size fits all” solution. To fix a partnership problem or to help boost profits, we’ll need to work together. As you help me understand your problems, we’ll use my experience across many industries to find solutions that will work to boost your business.

    We can start by talking on the phone. You can use me as a sounding board to explore your ideas. We might review your financial statements together and look for places where we can quickly get more money in your pocket. The problem at most businesses is not having ‘enough’. They just don’t make enough money. Relax, that can be fixed too.

    If you have a partnership problem, we’ll talk about the issues. Then I will look for agreeable solutions that will save you from a court battle which could cost more than it’s worth. Once people start talking, tension drops and it gets a little easier to work things through. Believe me, it’s a lot less stressful to talk through partnership problems if you have a moderator like me to absorb the tension. That’s what I do. I take up the tension and propose solutions along the way. I’m not really a mediator. I don’t make rulings. I work hard to find common ground and agreeable solutions.

    The business comes first. You’ll want to work with me because I care about your business. If the business fails because of dispute, who wins? Lawyers? I want all parties to be successful and to come through the process ‘whole’.

    A pure buyout is not always the answer. Why? Your business organization documents probably do not have a clean buyout process built in. Many businesses cannot afford a pure buyout. There is also the issue of reaching agreement on price. Working together, we can fix partnership issues. We can structure an agreeable buyout if necessary.

      Any Business Can Improve Under These 3 Assumptions:


      1.  Any Business Can Do Better

      2.  Small, Inexpensive Improvements Aggregate to BIG Results

      3.  Work Can and Must Be Fun

      I guarantee your business will improve if we agree to start work with those 3 simple assumptions.

      Isn’t that what you want?

        Your Business Can Do Better, That Dispute Can Be Resolved

        I believe that there is room for improvement in any business. Yes, even my own business can do better. “Better” should always be a target. Every day I look for something to improve in my own business.

        If you believe your business can do better, join me for a virtual coffee. We cannot solve all your problems in an hour but I can give you plenty of things to start on that will produce results.

        No charge. We’ll set a time that works for both of us. I’ll give you some ideas to help you prepare. It’s not a sales pitch. This is a working session so we’ll want to make the best use of the time. Why not?

          Let's Talk Over Coffee

          Prefer to call? I’m happy to talk with you. Call me:

          (530) 467-5690

            I would love to put my 30 years of business experience to work for you. Your business can do better. Let’s look for opportunities. Often, having a “partner” to sound out your ideas is a big help.

              Chris Reich

              CEO, TeachU

            Contracts, Resolutions, Agreements, and Emails

            Most business disputes arise from a lack of documented agreements. Many businesses have no formal partnership agreement. You can avoid a lot of trouble if you have a process and document your agreements. Here’s how…

            Fun at Work Adds to Profit

            Yes, fun at work matters. It adds directly to profits. I will keep reminding you because it is very important.

            Latest business posts

              Why Does Fun at Work Matter?

              Having fun at work isn’t a direct goal. Meaning, you shouldn’t decide that work will be fun effective on the first day of next month. Fun should be allowed and encouraged. Fun is a reflection of the health of a business. If you’re not having fun, you aren’t as productive as you could be.

              Read the story

              I worked with a business partner last year who hated going to work. The business was suffering from a serious partnership fracture that was impacting the profitability of the business. How fun is that? Not only were the partners working under the stress of a broken relationship, they weren’t making any money. Imagine working hard with no return.

              Knowing it would take a while to fix the partnership issue, we decided to change the focus of the business. Rather than dealing with the dispute day after day, we set new goals for sales and productivity. At first there was stress breaking the deadlock caused by the rift. But with some serious pounding on the importance of turning a profit, within a week the entire team shifted to working on the new goals.

              Results were almost immediate. Within 30 days the business was flush with new orders.

              You can’t just order up a sales increase. We made a plan. With all the key players in a meeting, we identified a shift in the market. Everyone put ideas on the table to reposition the business. Not all ideas were adopted. But we had a healthy and lively discussion. The result of that single meeting was a plan. We drafted a timeline and adopted a model to keep us on the plan.

              About 2 weeks after the planning meeting one of the partners told me, “I really look forward to coming to work again. Trying to make these new goals is actually fun. I have other ideas that I’d like to explore.”  Fun? That’s what he said. When people roll their eyes when I say “Work CAN and must be fun”, I know it’s possible. The goal wasn’t to create fun. The goal was to get the focus on the things that improve the business. When work becomes fun again, you know you’re on the right course.

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