When the new visitor lands on your site, can they understand in a flash what it is that you do?

This is a reminder for all of us. Regarding our website or business—is the offer clear? Can the site visitor understand what is offered and are they curious enough to take the next step?

Chris Reich uses physics in his business presentations.As a business consultant, I’m always struggling with getting my own message clear. Business teacher? Consultant? Speaker?  

It might seem simple but it’s not. Rule #1 is to differentiate your business (Purple Cow?). Rule #2 is be very clear and precise about your offering.

It’s extremely difficult to meld those two. It really is. But once you find the combination that meets both rules, things take off.

I’ll use my business for an example. I offer business consulting services with a twist: I believe business can be fun and I use physics as a metaphor to convey important business ideas.

The offer? Business consulting. The differentiation? Physics.

Can you get your business offer into a single statement that defines and differentiates it? If not, you’ll continue to struggle.

Wow. I need to get to work on my rules for my own site!

Chris Reich